You can contact me can using the form below or send a direct e-mail. Please wait 2-4 days for a reply. If you have gotten no reply you may resend your message. Please note that questions already answered in the FAQs won't be replied.

Link Exchange Requirements

There are some rules/requirements if you would like to apply.

  1. No inappropriate content. This includes porn or hentai, however some minor ecchi is okay.
  2. Try to stay active. It's expected you update at least once every three months. If you are inactive for a long time, I will remove your link. You can ask me to add you back once you are active.
  3. Similar site as mine. Your site has to be anime/manga related somehow.
  4. Link me back . Please make sure my link is visible on a page, and I will do the same for you.
  5. Try to stay in touch. Regular drop-bys are fine by me and, I will do the same. I like to become friends with my link exchanges.
  6. Communicate. Please notify me if your site is on haitus, moves, or closes, so I can upate your link accordingly.

Asterisk (*) is a required field.

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