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Hello and welcome to Aestharis.NET. An icon archive providing 100x100 anime icon bases. Please read and follow THE RULES. Enjoy!

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Affiliate Requirements

  1. Similar site as mine. Your site has to be either anime/manga or graphics resources related.
  2. Try to keep in touch. Leave a message to say hi every now and then and I will do the same.
  3. No inappropriate content. No hentai or other inappropriate content, however some minor ecchi is okay.
  4. Link me back. Please make sure my link is visible on a page, and I will do the same for you.
  5. Communicate. Please notify me if your site is on haitus, moves, or closes, so I can update your link accordingly.


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Use this form to contact me. Wait at least 7 days for a reply. If you haven't received a response, you may resend your email.

Note: I make no guarantee that all requests will be honored. Do not spam or send multiple requests per week/day. You can add as many requests as you'd like into a single email. Please be patient.

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