Adopting A Fanlisting @ Jun 13, 2021
Say, you applied for an adoption and the owner chose you to be the new owner and she sent you the tables for the members list and affiliates(if there are), and now you’re lost. Fret not for I will teach you the process of adopting using two methods. ~_^ If, by the end of the tutorial, you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Enthusiast is managed using a single database and a fanlisting is only a table; it would only have two tables when you have affiliates. So, the first thing that you need to do is import the members list to your database.

1. Log in to your cPanel, and go to the phpMyAdmin section, which is listed under Databases.

2. Before adding the new tables, you have to back up your database first for safety purposes. Select the database you’re using for your fanlistings. In my case, it’s senyth_enth. The number 10 implies that I currently have 10 tables in the database. Click on that and select Export. Make sure all tables are selected and leave the settings as is. Click go and download the file. That was for backing up! :D Now let’s go to the importing of tables.

3. This step is for those who have the .sql files. If you have a .rtf or another sort of file, skip this step. Take note of the filename, for you will need it later. Now, click on Import and again, leave the settings as is. If the command was successful, you will see a green checkmark with the line saying “Query successful. 7 rows inserted.”. As you’ve noticed on the left side, your tables incremented by one. That was the table for the members list that you added. Now, jump to Step 7.

4. If you received, for some unknown reason, an error of some sort in importing the list – perhaps the versions weren’t compatible – you have another alternative. Open the file that the previous owner had sent you. If it’s an .rtf file, open it with MS Word or any similar program. Copy the code between the lines where it says ‘Table structure…’ and ‘Dumping data…’, like mine. Take note of this line: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `namehere`. Namehere is the name of the table.

5. Now, go to SQL tab, and paste the code on the textarea. Make sure you remove the semi-colon in the delimeter field. Click Go. If it was successful, you will see a page similar to or like this. Yes, we created the table but it doesn’t have any data yet.

6. Go back to your application, and copy the code starting from the line ‘INSERT_INTO’ to the very last line. Go to SQL and again, paste the code and remove the semi-colon. Now, you’re as good as you’ve just imported the file.

7. To add the table to your Fanlisting, log in to your Enthusiast dashboard, go to the Owned section and select Add.

8. Uncheck the checkbox where it says “Yes, create the tables” for we’ve already done that. In the Database table field, put the name of the filename/table and then fill in the necessary details.

9. When you click Add, take note of the listing ID, I reckon you know the significance of this already. Now that you’ve added the listing, you can add Enthusiast snippets needed to show the join form, lost password retrieval and update information. And oh, don’t forget to upload the config.php(you only need to change the listing ID and it has nothing to do with the import that we did) to your server.

10. The same step follows for the affiliates (you can use either of the methods), only that you first have to enable the affilates field in your Enthusiast dashboard before importing/adding/altering the table. Basically, you’re done with the most part on adopting a fanlisting. You only need to add the codes and pages for the whole fanlisting to work.

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