Fanlisting Codes Tutorial: Rounded Corner Buttons @ Jun 13, 2021
This is, basically, how I make the corners of my codes round (using photoshop, but it should work with psp too). Like this:

01. Open your picture. Crop it, put everything you want to add (text, ect).

Making a border

02. Select your picture, and go to "edit > stroke". you should have something like this.
Click Ok and you will have a solid, rectangular border .

round round round

03. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool

04. Select the corner (4 pixel), and fill them with the color of your border.

05. You should now have something like that.

06. Do the same things to the others corners.

07. Copy your picture, and go to to "file > new". Select the transparence option. Then "edit > paste".

08. Re-select the Rectangular Marquee Tool, and select/delete the two first pixel of the border (vertical and horizontal). Like this.

09. Now, do it for all the corners.

10. Save it to a .gif, to allow the transparency of the corners.

Tadaa. Your code is curvy.
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