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Hello friends,

I am back. Whooo~ Yes, I am. Finally, after almost two years of inactivity—yikes! I'm super rusty, but I will do my best to make pretty icons for you guys. Overall, I've decided to make a few changes.

For now, I'll be focusing on icon bases. Eventually, I may add more content as time goes on, such as icon resources (PSDs, coloring tutorials, etc).

While I love creating PNGs, I need to focus on creating things I'll actually have time for. You can find all my PNGs on deviantART, where I'll occasionally upload new renders whenever I have the time or am in the mood to make some new ones.

Aestharis is alive, up, running, kicking, and looking for new affiliates! For my old affies, free to apply again if I haven't invited you yet.

As for broken links, inquiries and problems, you can contact me, or leave a message on the tagboard, or leave a comment in this post.

It feels good to be back!

Posted on 30 Jun 2024 | 3 Comments
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