Aestharis was created on February 18, 2021 and was officially opened on officially March 31, 2021. The sole purpose of the website is to provide its users with free avatars, wallpapers, renders, plus more, and also to allow the designer herself to improve with each design and to show the world more of her creations. We provide mostly anime, manga and Japanese games butfeature non-anime graphics as well in addition to a screencaps gallery. In high hopes, I personally wish that the website continues to live on and so that it can become a great website with many great designs.


Name: Brandi
Birthday: March 28th
Location: United States
TV Shows: Black Mirror, Cardcaptor Sakura, Parasyte
Movies: Final Fantasy Movies, Studio Ghibli Films, Wolf Children, Flavors of Youth
Games: Sims, Tomb Radar, Love Live!, Cooking Mama, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot
Music: I love music (any genre)
Other interests: Crocheting, Crafting

I am a professional graphic designer, with a passion and love for design. I created previous websites in the past, usign website builders and learning code by using premade templates, and then a few laters discovered Photoshop and started offering graphics. It quickly became my favorite thing to do after school.

Fast forward: Eventually designing for fun, led me to go to school to become a degree-certified graphic designer and have a successful career in design. However, there are big differences between doing it professionally and doing it as a hobby. That's why this website exists: No pressure. No rules. No perfection. Just me using my freedom of creativity.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send a message.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take requests?

I do not take personal requests, however we I accept screencap requests, png requests, and suggestions if you would like to see more from a certain anime/series!

Can you help me with______?

If I have the time, I will do the best of my knowledge to help, but there aren't any gurantees.

Where do you download your anime for your screencap gallery?

I use If it's down or there are no good files, we simply google and find a different source.

Can I be a co-owner/helper at your site?

At this time, I am not looking for any help. I have always been the type to get the job done by myself. =)

This download isn't working?

Before doing anything else, please wait it for a little while, and try to download the file again later. If this doesn’t work, the file may have been taken down for some reason. If this happens, please tell us through the contact form, so that me can replace broken downloads.

Can we be affiliates?

If Affiliation is open feel free to apply.

Will you host me?

Right now the plan I am on, my site is taking up all of my bandwidth, so for now I don't have any room to host anyone!

Do I need to credit back?

Yes, credit is required so that way more people can find this site! The admin of Aestharis works hard to to help supply her visitors.

Why haven't you replied to my e-mail?

I check my email almost everyday, it could be that I haven't recieved it because it was sent to junk/spam bin. If I haven't replied in a week, please send it again.
Do you have a question that wasn’t answered above? Contact Me Thank you.
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