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About Aestharis

Aestharis is the "reincarnation" of, a previous graphic resource site of mine. After a while I decided to part ways with Tumblr, and get hosted again. So I made a new layout, registered a domain, changed some stuff (content), and Aestharis was born! This site was created on February 18, 2021. I'm intending to stick with Aestharis for a long time. Hopefully, life won't get in the way. I am so very excited to to provide a steady supply of quality graphics and resources to all of you! ;D

About the Webmiss

Name: Brandi
Aliases: Yukie, B
Birthday: March 28
Location: United States
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Other Sites: Portfolio · MyAnimeList


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take requests?

If you would like more of a certain person, character, or series, you may suggest it.

Can you help me with______?

If I have the time, I will do the best of my knowledge to help, but there aren't any gurantees. My best suggestion would be to try Googiling, to solve your problem.

Do I need to link back?

Yes, credit is required so that way more people can find this site! The admin of Aestharis works hard to to help supply her visitors.

How can I join you?

I don't really need anyone else to help right now. But I will let you know if I am hiring cappers or staff but this will most likely not be happening!

Why haven't you replied to my e-mail?

I either rip from my Blueray Disc or use nyaa.si mainly. However if there down or there are no good files, I will simply turn to my other favorite sources or just google and find a different source.

This download isn't working?

Before doing anything else, please wait it for a little while, and try to download the file again later. If this doesn’t work, the file may have been taken down for some reason. If this happens, please tell us through the contact form, so that me can replace broken downloads.
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