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By accessing any of our pages, it is assumed that you have read and understood our terms of use and service. If these roles are broken, you will be contacted. If you do not reply within a week, your IP will be banned from the site and your host will be contacted for theft.

Please follow these simple roles:


  1. Please link back.
  2. Do not post them up any where else.
  3. Do not claim them as yours.


  1. Please link back.
  2. Do not redistribute the PNGs.
  3. Do not claim them as yours.
  4. Do not direct-link anything from this site.
  5. Do not use the PNGs commercially.
  6. Credit Aestharis if you use any of the PNGs. If you use the PNGs to make a pre-made layout, it is preferred that you place the credit in the actual layout (eg: "PNG from Aestharis" on the navigation or in the contents section) rather than in your main site's credits section.


  1. Do not write over or edit any of our icons.
  2. Do not hot/direct link our icons.
  3. Blank icons are not bases so do not alter them.
  4. Do not recreate our icons.
  5. Do not post up the icons on any other site for others to use.
  6. Please credit back.


  1. Do not re-upload them anywhere else.
  2. Do not hot/direct link.
  3. Please credit back.


  1. Wallpapers are for your desktop only, do not edit them to make icons, layouts, or any other sort of graphic.
  2. Do not re-upload ANY of our wallpapers elsewhere especially without permission.
  3. Do not edit them and then claim them as yours.
  4. Do not hot/direct link.


  1. No plagiarism of textual materials such as tutorials and writings.
  2. Do not post them anywhere else. Link back if you find them useful.
  3. You may, of course, use the codes but please do not copy my tutorials verbatim.

I would like to say I do not own any of the art I use for graphics, nor do I own any art on this site unless otherwise stated. All other material is (c) ReBirth. Layouts, icons, etc are not meant to infringe any copyrights; they are simply here for enjoyment. Please respect the site and my efforts by not stealing and/or claiming anything as your own. All content on this site is copyrighted to Aestharis unless stated otherwise. Characters, Anime, Manga and Games belong to their respected owners.

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