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How to install the content management system Fusion News on your website to manage your site updates, comments, and more!
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The problem with this error when using FanUpdate is that your entry does not appear right away on your site, even after refreshing. It usually appears at least an hour after posting
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Sometimes you don’t just want to manage a blog in FanUpdate, but other pages of your site – maybe because they are a pain to code in HTML and it’s much easier, or it’s just that you don’t know HTML. Whatever the case, this tutorial will tell you how to manage your website with FanUpdate.
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Some common errors occur in FanUpdate that may or may not be in the documentation of the script. Some are outlined below, which will hopefully help you.
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One very common problem with FanUpdate is when people go back to edit their post, click ‘Update’, and find that their entry has disappeared. The key is that the entry remains with your other entries, but isn’t appearing on your website because the post time has changed.
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