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One very common problem with FanUpdate is when people go back to edit their post, click ‘Update’, and find that their entry has disappeared. The key is that the entry remains with your other entries, but isn’t appearing on your website because the post time has changed.

Normally you’d make sure the ‘Now’ box is checked before posting an entry. But without checking ‘Now’, do you notice that after posting, your entry is of a different time than that when you posted?

So what’s with that?

The time that is typed in the box when ‘Now’ is not checked – is immediately recognised by the server as its own time.

The server time is most likely different from your local time, and clicking ‘Update’, without checking ‘Now’, will not make the entry appear until your server reaches that time.

Did you notice that your post date appears a day or so ahead when you try and edit an entry?

Yeah, so what now?

To solve this problem you can of course check ‘Now’ and then click ‘Update’ – but you wouldn’t want to change the time of your post, would you?

No way! So what do I do?

Looking above we can conclude that: you must enter the time of the server – what its time was when your blog was posted.

For example, if your blog was posted in your local time of 2009-02-08 8:00pm, you should edit the time and input the server’s time when it was 8pm on the 8th of February for you.

You need to find the difference in hours between the server time and your local time, so later you can calculate time.

How do I find the server time?

Download the timezone test here.

After downloading, extract the file to your computer.

Upload the file to your FanUpdate directory and open it in your browser (http://yoursite.com/fanupdate/timezone-test.php). It should look a little like this:

The parts circled in red show the server time and the local time. Calculate the time difference in hours. In this case, the server time is 16 hours behind local time.

Remember the number – it’ll be needed when you want to update your entries.

Note: Server time and server time calculated should be the same.

Wow, can I try it?

Now go back to the entry you want to edit. Instead of putting 2009-02-08 8:00pm, you’d input 2009-02-08 4:00am – that’s 16 hours before. Get it?

Try it – just pop in the time of your server, whether it’s behind 5 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours – or forward 2 hours, 6 hours or 15 hours.

Then click ‘Update’ (don’t check ‘Now’) after editing and see if the same time comes up!

Is that all?

Yes, that’s it! Simply by knowing the difference in hours between your local time and server time, you can edit your entries by putting your server time instead – and your entries will stay put!


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