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This is quite a common error which is easily fixed but not many people are able to do it.

The problem is that your entry does not appear right away on your site, even after refreshing. It usually appears at least an hour after posting.

Follow these instructions to solve the problem.

  • Download the timezone test here.
  • Extract the contents of the folder to your computer.
  • Upload the test script to your site, in the same directory that FanUpdate is installed.
  • View the script in your browser by typing http://yoursite.com/fanupdate/timezone-test.php.
  • User time should be your local time. If it isn’t, you must correct it by going to the options in your FanUpdate account.
  • Server time and Server time calculated should be the same. If not, your _server_tz_offset setting is wrong and needs to be changed. This may be causing the problem.
  • Log in to your cPanel. If you don’t have access you may need to ask your host. Before proceeding you might want to backup your database, just in case.
  • Click on phpMyAdmin under ‘Databases’:

  • A new window should open. On the left panel, select your database that you use for FanUpdate:
  • When the page loads, select blog_options on the left panel:
  • Click the ‘Browse’ tab at the top of the screen:
  • Scroll down until you find _server_tz_offset and click the ‘edit’ icon next to it, which is the little pencil.

    Your values may not be the same as in the above screenshot.

  • You need to change the value in the following table, then click ‘Go’, until your Server time and Server time calculated are THE SAME on your timezone-test script.

    You may need to use trial and error in guessing the number. Usually the value should be zero, but it may differ.

  • Once you have your Server time and Server time calculated the same, you can check your blog and it should now appear.

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