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Before you begin, you will need to set up a mySQL database. If you have your own cPanel on your own domain, this should be okay.
If you are on a subdomain, you may need to ask your host to do this for you.

How To Install

At first, if you haven't already download Fusion News here.

Make a backup of  your previous Fusion News installation, if any.

The installation has yet again been improved by using an improved installer script. All you have to do is upload all files that are in the subfolder "upload" of this zip package, to a folder (eg. "news") on your server. Then CHMOD this "news" folder to 777. Now run the installer script (installer.php) from that location and install Fusion News.

The installer will guide you through CHMODding and configuring the script.

NOTE: Don't forget to delete the installer.php and db_convertor.php(if your not going to use it) files from your fusion news folder after installation. Otherwise anyone could reinstall Fusion News and gain access to it.

How To Get The News On Your Site

You have two options. You can use the PHP or SSI include code.

PHP include code:

Insert this code where you want the news to appear.
it can be in your index or main....etc

<?php include "news/news.php";?>

Change news if needed

Now, make sure that the file where you inserted the
include code has a .php extension

Example: If you inserted the code in your index.html you need to rename it to index.php

SSI include code:

You can also use the SSI include code to make the news
Show up on your website.

Insert this code where you want the news to appear.

<!--#include virtual="news/news.php" -->

as with the PHP include code. You need to rename the file where you insert the include code to .shtml

Example: if you inserted the code in your index.html file, you need to rename your index.html file to index.shtml

The same goes for headlines.php.

To show your archive, just link to "http://www.yourdomain.net/to/your/fusionpath/archive.php". The archive uses your Fusion News header and footer.

Offcours you can use <iframe> or javascript too.


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